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It is the birthright of every man to be a confident, masterful lover.

Hello, my name is Marie Simone... welcome to my site!

I am writing a book to help men who are lacking in confidence or experience and are unsure how to bring their partner to orgasm. To assist me, I am asking generous, experienced lovers to reveal their techniques and approach to making love. I am hoping that this information as well as additional research will help men who want to improve their love life. Life is too short, not to have happy fulfulling relationships!

The below survey is completely confidential and anonymous. There is no way that I can indentify individuals as the email address is optional and the name can be anything you want it to be, for instance, 'Mr X'. The only thing that I will see is your service provider's IP address (e.g. which is meaningless to me.

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Thank you dear friend!

1. Ficticious name:


2. What is your age bracket? 16-20 21-30 31-40 41-50 51-60 61-70 71-80 81-100


3. What characteristics best describe you? (Check all the applicable boxes.)

Happy Sad Serious Emotional Spontaneous Self conscious Passionate Reserved

Easy going Shy Creative Practical Financially secure Not financially secure


4. What situation are you currently in? Committed relationship Casual relationship(s) Single


5. How often do your partner(s) have an orgasm during sex? Always Often Occasionally Never


6. What type of orgasms do they usually experience? (Check all the applicable boxes.)

Vaginal Clitoral Multiple


7. Do you prefer that your partner has her orgasm before you do?


8. Do you feel comfortable if your partner tells you what she needs to help her orgasm?


9. Do you listen to what she says and do it no matter how unfamiliar or repetitive it may seem?


10. Describe the type of foreplay that in your experience is the most successful in getting your partner ready for orgasm? E.g. firm or soft touches, lots of kissing, nipping, sucking?


11. Is kissing important to you? How long do you kiss before moving on to foreplay? Do you continue kissing all the way through love making?


12. What sexual position usually helps your partner to most easily achieve an orgasm and why?


13. Do you make a lot of sounds while making love, e.g. grunting, moaning and/or sighing?


14. Do you think that the way you move your penis (e.g. fast/slow or circular strokes) affects your partner's ability to orgasm? How?


15. During sex do you stimulate her clitoris/nipples or any other body part? Please explain?


16. During sex, are you happy for your partner to stimulate herself in anyway? Please explain?


17. Do you get bored with the same sexual routine or are you OK about doing the same thing everytime as long as your partner has an orgasm?


18. Do you have one or more favorite fantasies that help your partner have an orgasm? If so describe these fantasies.


19. In your experience, does talking dirty help your partner to orgasm? If so, please explain.


20. How does the level of intimacy between you and your partner affect her ability to orgasm?


21. As well as a lover to your partner are you a friend? E.g. help her wash her car, listen to her problems?


22. Do you regularly let your partner know that she is special to you? If so how do you do this? For example, verbally, gift or a special outing?


23. Do you need to know that your partner loves you and genuinely cares about you?


24. Does it help if your lover thinks you are a good lover? If so, how?


25. If your partner does not feel comfortable about her body do you do anything in particular to put her at ease?


26. In your experience is there any type of clothing that helps your partner to feel sexy and to relax and let go? E.g. sexy lingerie, leather, rubber, stillettos?


27. Do you find any particular sex toys helpful when helping your partner to orgasm, e.g. vibrators and other more exotic gadgets? If so, please explain.


28. Does having sex outside the bedroom make things more exciting for your partner (e.g. outside where you might be caught, or on the kitchen table) ? If so, please explain.


29. Does drinking alcohol or taking drugs improve your partner's chances of having an orgasm? If so, please explain.


30. Do you find that any type of sex games (e.g.bondage with master and slave or massage) help your partner to orgasm? If so, please explain.


31. Do you use food, music, candles and/or aromas to help set the scene for sex?


32. Do you find oral sex makes it easier for your partner to have an orgasm? If so, please explain.


33. Do you find anal sex makes it easier for your partner to have an orgasm? If so, please explain.


34. What type of messages about sex did you receive from your parents?


35. Finally, do you have any comments you would like to add?


If you wish to receive an email when the book is written, type your email here. Please use a yahoo or gmail account (e.g. if you do not want to be identified.



Make girl orgasm, P.O. Box H273, Australia Square. NSW. 1215, Australia


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